How to Create SmartArt in PowerPoint - dummies

How to Create SmartArt in PowerPoint

By Faithe Wempen

SmartArt enables you to present text in a graphical way, bridging the gap between decorative images and ordinary text. With SmartArt, a plain bulleted list can become much more appealing to read. You can also use SmartArt to present information conceptually in ways that plain text alone can’t achieve.

SmartArt is a type of artwork you can create in PowerPoint or other Office programs. By using SmartArt, you can place text paragraphs in shapes and arrange the shapes to add visual meaning to the text. For example, an organization chart or a pyramid graphic conveys information about text by the text’s position in the graphic.

The easiest way to create SmartArt is to convert an existing bulleted list to SmartArt. That way you don’t have to retype the text. In this exercise, you convert a bulleted list to a SmartArt graphic.

  1. Open a file.

  2. Create a bulleted list.

  3. Click in the bulleted list to move the insertion point there; then press Ctrl+A to select all the text.

  4. On the Home tab, click the Convert to SmartArt Graphic button.

    A menu of SmartArt styles opens. See this figure.

    You can point to a graphic type to see it previewed on the slide before you commit to a certain type by clicking it.


  5. Click the Basic Cycle graphic (the last graphic in the second row).

    It’s applied to the bulleted list.

  6. Save the presentation.