How to Change the Size of a PowerPoint 2007 Table’s Columns, and Rows

By Peter Weverka

The fastest way to adjust the width of columns and the height of rows on your PowerPoint slides is to drag the mouse PowerPoint even lets you adjust the size of the table itself:

  • Change the size of a column or row: Move the pointer onto a gridline or border, and when the pointer changes into a double-headed arrow, start dragging.

    You can also go to the (Table Tools) Layout tab and change the measurements in the Cell Size boxes to change the width of a column or the height of a row. The measurements affect entire columns or rows, not individual cells.

  • A table: Drag a selection handle on a side or corner. You can also go to the Layout tab, click the Table Size button (if necessary), and enter inch measurements in the Height and Width text boxes. Click the Lock Aspect Ratio check box to keep the table’s proportions as you change its height or width.


Because resizing columns and rows can be problematic, PowerPoint also offers these handy buttons on the Layout tab for adjusting the width and height of rows and columns:

  • Distribute Rows: Click this button to make all rows in the table the same height. Select rows before clicking the button to make only the rows you selected the same height.

  • Distribute Columns: Click this button to make all columns the same width. Select columns before giving this command to make only the columns you selected the same width.