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How to Respond to a Meeting Request with

By Bill Dyszel

If you travel a lot, you may need to check in to frequently to see if the IRS wants you or whether your family has invited you to Aunt Mabel’s 100th birthday. (Parties are so much more fun.) lets other people send you a special email that invites you to a meeting. You can accept that request to be automatically included in the meeting.

To respond to a meeting request, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Mail icon on the Ribbon.

    Your list of messages appears.

  2. Click the message that includes a meeting request.

    You see a special toolbar with the Accept, Tentative, Decline, and Calendar buttons. Meeting requests appear in your Inbox (as with any other email message), but a tiny calendar icon appears just to the left of the email’s subject line.

  3. Click Accept, Tentative, Decline, or Calendar.

    The Compose Email screen opens. You can add a comment to your reply.

  4. Click Send.

    Your response is sent to the meeting organizer.

When you accept a meeting request, the meeting is automatically added to your calendar and the meeting organizer’s calendar reflects the fact that you’ve agreed to attend the meeting.