How to Check Responses to Your Meeting Requests in Outlook 2013

By Wallace Wang

Each time you organize a meeting with Outlook 2013, you create a small flurry of e-mail messages inviting people to attend, and they respond with a flurry of messages either accepting or declining your invitation. You may have a good enough memory to recall who said yes and no, but fortunately, Outlook keeps track of who said what.

To check the status of responses to your meeting request, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Calendar icon in the Navigation bar.

    The calendar appears.

  2. Double-click the item you want to check.

    The meeting opens.

  3. Click the Tracking button.

    The list of people you invited appears, listing each person’s response to your invitation.


Sad to say, only the meeting organizer can find out who has agreed to attend a certain meeting. If you plan to attend a certain meeting only because that special someone you met in the elevator might also attend, you’ll have to go to the meeting to find out if she or he is there.

You can tell who was invited to a meeting by checking the names on the meeting request that you got by e-mail.