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Office 2019 For Seniors For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From Office 2019 For Seniors For Dummies

By Faithe Wempen

After you discover keyboard shortcuts in Office, you’ll wonder how you ever functioned without them. Keyboard shortcuts make common tasks faster and easier. By pressing a key combination you can duplicate many of the most commonly used commands and tasks. Some of the keyboard shortcuts are the same across multiple applications, whereas others are specific to a particular application.

Common Shortcuts in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2019

By touching a couple of keys in combination, you can save time with simple tasks in Office 2019, such as copying text from one place and pasting it somewhere else. The keyboard shortcuts included here work equally well in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2019. Both mouse and keyboard methods are provided here.

To do this With the mouse With the keyboard
Open a file File→Open Ctrl+O
Create a new file File→New Ctrl+N
Print active document File→Print Ctrl+P
Save your work (first time), or resave with same settings File→Save Ctrl+S
Save your work with different name, location, or type File→Save As F12
Copy selection to Clipboard Home→ Copy Ctrl+C
Cut selection to Clipboard Home→ Cut Ctrl+X
Paste selection to Clipboard Home→ Paste Ctrl+V
Open the Paste Special dialog box Home→Paste→Paste Special Ctrl+Shift+V
Display shortcut menu for selected item Right-click item Shift+F10
Left-align a paragraph Home→ Left Align Ctrl+L
Center a paragraph Home→ Center Ctrl+E
Right-align a paragraph Home→ Right Align Ctrl+R
Make text bold Home→ Bold Ctrl+B
Make text italicized Home→ Italic Ctrl+I
Make text underlined Home→Underline Ctrl+U
Make text larger Home→Increase Font Size Ctrl+>
Make text smaller Home→Decrease Font Size Ctrl+<
Undo previous action Undo button on Quick Access toolbar Ctrl+Z
Redo previous Undo Redo button on Quick Access toolbar Ctrl+Y
Insert hyperlink Insert→Hyperlink Ctrl+K
Get help Type in Tellme what you want to do box F1
Close the active file File→Close Ctrl+F4
Close the application Close button on application window Alt+F4
Check spelling Review→Spelling F7

Word 2019 Text Entry and Formatting Shortcuts

Word 2019 offers you many ways to interact with your document. There are multiple keyboard shortcuts that can be a great time-saver. With these keyboard shortcuts, you can speed up text editing and formatting.

To do this With the keyboard
Start a new line in the same paragraph Shift+Enter
Insert a page break Ctrl+Enter
Insert a column break Ctrl+Shift+Enter
Clear formatting Ctrl+spacebar
Make text subscript Ctrl+=
Make text superscript Ctrl+Shift++
Delete one character to the left Backspace
Delete one word to the left Ctrl+Backspace
Delete one character to the right Delete
Delete one word to the right Ctrl+Delete

Word 2019 View Shortcuts

Ever feel like you just don’t have the right perspective? Well, Word 2019 makes it easy to change your document view so that you can gain a different perspective. With these keyboard shortcuts, you can switch among various views in Word 2019.

Switch to this view With the keyboard
Print Layout Alt+Ctrl+P
Outline Alt+Ctrl+O
Draft Alt+Ctrl+N

Word 2019 Symbol Shortcuts

Depending on how you choose to use Word 2019, you may find yourself faced with the need for a special symbol. With these keyboard shortcuts, you can insert common symbols in Word 2019. Use these keyboard shortcuts instead of the Insert→Symbol command to insert common typographical symbols.

Symbol Shortcut
Em dash Alt+Ctrl+minus sign
En dash Ctrl+minus sign
Copyright Alt+Ctrl+C
Registered trademark Alt+Ctrl+R
Trademark Alt+Ctrl+T
Ellipsis Alt+Ctrl+period

Excel 2019 Number Formatting Shortcuts

Many shortcuts are available that can save you time with simple tasks in Excel 2019, such as copying text from one place and pasting it somewhere else in your document. You can use these keyboard shortcuts instead of the Number drop-down list on the Home tab to apply number formatting to cells in Excel 2019.

To apply this number format Use this key combination
General Ctrl+Shift+~
Currency with two decimal places, negative numbers in
Percentage, no decimal places Ctrl+Shift+%
Scientific, two decimal places Ctrl+Shift+^
Date format with day, month, and year Ctrl+Shift+#
Time format with hour and minute, AM or PM Ctrl+Shift+@
Number format, two decimal places, thousands separator, minus
sign for negative values

Excel 2019 Entry and Formatting Shortcuts

Excel 2019 offers you many tools to save time with everyday tasks. With these keyboard shortcuts, you can enter and modify data in Excel 2019. These keyboard shortcuts can save you time when entering and formatting data in Excel.

To do this Use the key combination
Enter the current time Ctrl+Shift+:
Enter the current date Ctrl+;
Apply an outline border Ctrl+Shift+&
Remove an outline border Ctrl+Shift+_
Display or hide formulas in cells Ctrl+`
Display Format Cells dialog box Ctrl+1
Hides selected rows Ctrl+9
Hides selected columns Ctrl+0