Shortcuts for Common View Commands in Excel 2007

By Greg Harvey

Part of Excel 2007 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you want to change the way you’re looking at an Excel 2007 spreadsheet, or the way the page is laid out, use these view command shortcuts (Alt + hot key).

Hot Keys Excel Ribbon Command Function
Alt+WN View | Normal View Returns the worksheet to normal view from Page Layout or Page
Break Preview
Alt+WP View | Page Layout View Puts the worksheet into Page Layout View showing the page
breaks, margins, and rulers
Alt+WI View | Page Break Preview Puts the worksheet into Page Break Preview showing pages breaks
that you can adjust
Alt+WE View | Full Screen Puts the worksheet in full-screen mode which hides the
Microsoft Office Button, Quick Access toolbar, and Ribbon – press
the Esc key to restore previous viewing mode
Alt+WVG View | Gridlines Hides and redisplays the row and column gridlines that form the
cells in the Worksheet area