Excel Services for SharePoint - dummies

By Michael Alexander

The mechanism that allows for the publishing of Excel documents to SharePoint as interactive web pages is Excel Services. Excel Services is a broader term to describe these three components:

  • Excel Calculation Services: Serves as the primary engine of Excel services. This component loads Excel documents, runs calculations on the Excel sheet, and runs the refresh process for any embedded data connection.
  • Excel Web Access: Allows users to interact with Excel through a web browser.
  • Excel Web Services: Hosted in SharePoint Services, it provides developers with an application programming interface (API) to build custom applications based on the Excel workbook.

When you publish a workbook to Excel Services, your audience can interact with your Excel file in several ways:

  • View workbooks that contain a data model and Power View reports.
  • Navigate between worksheets.
  • Sort and filter data.
  • Work with pivot tables.
  • Use slicers and pivot table report filters.
  • Refresh data for embedded data connections.