Shortcuts to Navigate a Microsoft Word for Mac Document

By Bob LeVitus

In Office 2008 for Mac, you can move the cursor around your document without actually even touching the mouse. And if you really want to become a whiz with Word, you’ll want to memorize most or all of the following shortcuts. Here’s a table that shows how to move the cursor around a document using only the keyboard:

To Move. . . Press. . .
One character to the left Left arrow
One character to the right Right arrow
One word to the left Option+left arrow
One word to the right Option+right arrow
One paragraph up Command+up arrow
One paragraph down Command+down arrow
Up one line Up arrow
Down one line Down arrow
To the end of a line Command+right arrow or End
To the beginning of a line Command+left arrow or Home
Up one screen (scrolling) Page Up
Down one screen (scrolling) Page Down
To the top of the next page Command+Page Down
To the top of the previous page Command+Page Up
To the end of a document Command+End
To the beginning of a document Command+Home

To select (highlight) text as you move the cursor using these shortcuts, just hold down the Shift or Command key.