How to Send Kindle Content to Evernote by E-mail - dummies

How to Send Kindle Content to Evernote by E-mail

By David E. Y. Sarna

One huge disadvantage of the mobile Evernote website is that although you can create a new note, you can apply a title and tags to it only on the latest Kindle. Currently, you can’t place any text in the main section of a note.

If you want to use your Kindle to add notes to Evernote, the best method is to send notes via e-mail. Here’s how:

  1. Locate your Evernote e-mail address.

    If you’re not sure what your Evernote e-mail address is, on your PC or Mac, go to the Evernote website, and click Settings. The Evernote e-mail address is located below E-Mailing to Evernote.

  2. On your Kindle, log in to your online e-mail account.

  3. Use the Kindle web browser to compose your note.

    The subtitle section of your e-mail is the note title, and the content of your e-mail becomes the body of the note after you open it in Evernote.

  4. Copy and paste each note into your Evernote account.

  5. Send the e-mail to your Evernote e-mail address.

How you organize your notes is entirely up to you. If you want to store all your notes in a single notebook, great. If you want to create a separate notebook just for the books you read on your Kindle, great. If you want to create a notebook for each book you read (which seems a little excessive!), you can certainly do that.

Publishers set a clipping limit of around 10 percent of a book. When you reach that limit, you can’t highlight any more passages. You won’t know what the limit is until you reach it and get the Clipping limit reached message.

You can also save your My Clippings.txt file. Hook your Kindle up to a computer and simply copy the file into Evernote.

If you want to create notes directly on the Kindle, the Kindle Fire has a version of Evernote that you can download from the Amazon Apps for Android store at no charge.