Producing a QuickBooks 2018 Report - dummies

By Stephen L. Nelson

QuickBooks provides more than 100 financial statements and accounting reports. You get to these reports by opening the Reports menu. The Reports menu arranges reports in roughly a dozen categories, including Company & Financial, Customers & Receivables, Sales, Jobs, and Time & Mileage.

To produce just about any of the reports available through the Reports menu, you first select the Report category. If you want to produce a standard financial statement, such as a profit and loss statement, you choose the Reports →Company & Financial command. QuickBooks displays the Company & Financial submenu, which lists the various types of financial statements available.

You pick the submenu command that describes the financial statement that you want. If you want a standard profit and loss financial statement, you choose the Reports→ Company & Financial → Profit & Loss Standard command. After you choose the command, QuickBooks displays the Report window for the report that you selected, as shown.

The Report window, showing a profit and loss statement.