Neat Report Tricks in QuickBooks 2017 - dummies

Neat Report Tricks in QuickBooks 2017

By Stephen L. Nelson

QuickBooks 2017 offers you a plethora of reports to choose from. You can do some neat things with the reports you create. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most valuable tricks:

  • QuickZooming mysterious figures: If you don’t understand where a number in a report comes from, point to it with the mouse. As you point to numbers, QuickBooks changes the mouse pointer to a magnifying glass marked with a Z. Double-click the mouse to have QuickBooks display a list of all the transactions that make up that number.

This feature, called QuickZoom, is extremely handy for understanding the figures that appear in reports. All you have to do is double-click any mysterious-looking figure in a report. QuickBooks immediately tells you exactly how it arrived at that figure.

  • Sharing report data with Microsoft Excel: You can export report data to an Excel spreadsheet by clicking the Excel button in the report window. When QuickBooks displays its menu, choose the Create New Worksheet or Update Existing Worksheet command. (QuickBooks displays the Send Report to Excel dialog box, which you can use to exercise additional control of how the report gets sent to Microsoft Excel.)