How to Generate a QuickReport in QuickBooks 2017 - dummies

How to Generate a QuickReport in QuickBooks 2017

By Stephen L. Nelson

The QuickReport is one of the best kinds of reports in QuickBooks 2017. You can generate a QuickReport from a list, from invoices and bills with names of people or items on them, and from account registers. QuickReports are especially useful when you’re studying a list and see something that momentarily baffles you. Simply make sure that the item you’re curious about is highlighted, click the Reports button, and then choose the QuickReports command for the item from the drop-down list.

You can also right-click an item and choose QuickReport from the shortcut menu to create a QuickReport of the item.

Here, you see a QuickReport produced from a register. You click the QuickReport button to display this Register QuickReport window with the transaction information for a vendor: Great Globs of Clay LLC.

A QuickReport report.

The QuickReport option is also on the Reports menu when you have a register or list open. In that case, you can display a QuickReport from a form — even though no QuickReport button appears — by choosing the menu option. If you’re writing a check to a vendor, for example, you can enter the company’s name on the check and choose Reports → QuickReport to see a report of transactions involving the company.