How to Create an Adobe Bridge CC Metadata Template - dummies

How to Create an Adobe Bridge CC Metadata Template

By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith

After you have added metadata to an image in Adobe Bridge CC, you can easily apply it to more images by creating a metadata template. In this exercise, you apply the metadata template from the IMG_4088.JPG image to other images in the same folder:

  1. Make sure that IMG_4088.JPG is selected in Adobe Bridge.
  2. Choose Tools  →  Create Metadata Template.
    The Create Metadata Template window appears.
  3. In the Template Name text field (at the top), type Game Photos.
    In the Create Metadata Template window, you can choose the information that you want to build into a template. In this exercise, you choose information that already exists in the selected file or you can add or edit information at this point.
  4. Select the checkboxes to the left of the following categories: Creator, Creator, Description, Keywords, and Date Created, then click Save.
    metadata template Adobe Bridge CC
    Select a file and check the information you want to save into a metadata template.

    You have just saved a template. Next, you apply it to the other two hockey images in this folder.

  5. Select the IMG_4087.JPG image, press and hold the Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac) key, and select the IMG_4083.JPG image.
    Both images are selected.
  6. Choose Tools  →  Append Metadata and select Game Photos. Note that you can also choose Replace Metadata if you want to eliminate existing metadata.
    The same metadata has now been applied to all the images at once.
    metadata template Adobe Bridge CC
    Choose the metadata template you want to use to add metadata to an image or images.