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Using the Layers panel that appears when you click on the Adobe XD Layers icon, you can rearrange the stacking order, rename, duplicate, delete, and select artboards.

Rearranging artboards

Click and drag up or down an artboard in the Artboard in the Layers panel in order to move it up or down in the stacking order. If you like working with contextual menus, you can right-click any artboard listed in the Layers panel to see a list of features you can use, including Copy, Paste, Duplicate, Delete, Rename, and Export. Following are other methods you can use to take advantage of these same features.

Renaming your artboards

You can rename your artboards using one of these methods:
  • Double-click the Artboard name that appears directly above the artboard, and then type a new name.
  • Double-click the Artboard name that appears in the Layers panel, and type a new name.

    changing artboard name Adobe XD Double-click the artboard name to activate the textbox and change it.

Copying or duplicating an artboard

To copy your artboard in order to paste it into another document, right-click it and select Copy. Then open a new document or navigate to another open document and choose Edit → Paste.

To duplicate an artboard, right-click it and select Duplicate. A new artboard immediately appears at the top of the list and in your work area.

You can also duplicate an artboard by holding down the Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) key and dragging the artboard into the work area.

Deleting an artboard

Be careful with deleting artboards. It is very easy to do, because you only have to select an artboard in the Layers panel and press the Delete or Backspace key. Fortunately, this step can be undone using Ctrl+Z (Windows) or Command+Z (Mac OS).

Selecting artboards

Before trying to select artboards, make sure that you have at least three in your project.
  • To select an artboard, simply click the artboard name in the Layers panel. You can also click on the artboard name above the artboard to select it.
  • To select multiple artboards, click an artboard, and then Shift-click on another. This action selects all artboards in between in the stacking order as well.
  • To select artboards that are not contiguous, select an artboard and then hold down the Control+Shift(Windows) or Command+Shift keys and select another.

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