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How to Turn Off Twitter Notifications

By Laura Fitton, Anum Hussain, Brittany Leaning

By default, Twitter sends you an email every time someone follows you. This is a useful starting point for finding people to follow because there’s likely a reason why he followed you in the first place. It may be because he knows you, or it may be because he thinks you’re a good person to follow.

No matter what, it’s nice to know when someone’s following you. Unfortunately, new followers can also sometimes be spam, a robot, or other malicious accounts.

Yes, Twitter, like any popular online communication tool, has spammers. Although Twitter — both the company and the community of its users — tries to aggressively fight spam accounts, there is almost an arms race at any given time.

They’re often pretty easy to spot, especially if you click through to their profile page and check their ten most recent Tweets. These might be offering you the usual fare of online deals or bedroom-related drugs, or they might be the same Tweet over and over and over with @mentions to various influencers. You can safely ignore them.

If you’d like to help Twitter identify these accounts, you can click the Block and Report for Spam button on their profiles.

If you find receiving Twitter notices a bother, you can turn them off:

  1. Click the gear icon and select Settings from the menu that drops down.

    The Settings screen opens.

  2. Click Email Notifications in the left sidebar.

    You see a list of email notification options.

  3. Select any of the emails you’d rather not receive.