Working with Large(ish) Databases in R - dummies

Working with Large(ish) Databases in R

By Joseph Schmuller

Part of R Projects For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Created for statistical analysis, R has a wide array of packages and functions for dealing with large amounts of data. This selection is the tip of the iceberg’s tip:

Packages and Functions for Exploring Databases

Package Function What it does
didrooRFM findRFM() Performs a Recency, Frequency, Money analysis on a database of retail transactions
vcd assocstats() Calculates statistics for tables of categorical data
vcd assoc() Creates a graphic that shows deviations from independence in a table of categorical data
tidyverse glimpse() Provides a partial view of a data frame with the columns appearing onscreen as rows
plotrix std.error() Calculates the standard error of the mean
plyr inner_join() Joins data frames
lubridate wday() Returns day of the week of a calendar date
lubridate ymd() Returns a date in R date-format