Coding with Ruby and Python: Head to Head - dummies

Coding with Ruby and Python: Head to Head

By Nikhil Abraham

You have heard of coding languages like Python and Ruby, and you may wonder what the difference is between the two. At a high level, anything you can do with one language you can do with another language. It is like the difference between using a Toyota Prius or a Honda Accord to drive from New York to Boston — both cars will get you from point A to point B but some of the controls will be in different places.

The following is a head to head matchup between Ruby and Python to help you see how the two languages compare to one another.


Ruby Python
Year invented 1995 1991
Inventor Yukihiro Matsumoto Guido van Rossum
Example sites SoundCloud
Purpose Help programmers be productive, enjoy programming, and be
Improve readability and consistency of code
Ease for beginners Medium Easy
Popular with Startups and others rapidly prototyping and creating
Data heavy applications like those used by financial
institutions and scientists
Available jobs on Indeed. com in NY 1,500 3,200