Perform Browser-Based Management Using Hybridfox - dummies

Perform Browser-Based Management Using Hybridfox

By John Paul Mueller

Hybridfox provides a simplified but limited management solution for a number of cloud environments: AWS, Eucalyptus, OpenStack, OpenNebula, and HP Cloud. The goal of this product is to allow you to use a single-browser environment, Firefox, to manage the supported cloud environments seamlessly. You can switch among cloud environments without using a different interface for each one.

However, the functionality that this add-on provides is limited. You can use it for quick tasks in an enterprise environment, but you’re more likely to find it being used in smaller environments. Currently, you can use Hybridfox to perform these kinds of tasks:

  • Manage platform images
  • Start and stop instances
  • Manage instances
  • Manage Elastic IPs
  • Manage security groups
  • Manage Key-pairs
  • Manage Elastic Block Storage (EBS)

The management limits mean that you can’t use this product to perform a number of tasks included in this book, such as working with Glacier or DynamoDB. Fortunately, you still get a substantial amount of flexibility in working with all the core, computational features of all the supported cloud environments. This is the kind of product that you might use to verify that your setup is still working when you’re away from the office. Theoretically, you can use it to perform certain management tasks right from your smartphone.