Bus Architectures for the A+ Certification Exams - dummies

By Glen E. Clarke, Edward Tetz, Timothy Warner

Part of A+ Certification All-In-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Another term for the expansion slots on a computer’s motherboard is bus slots. A number of different bus architectures have been developed over time. For the A+ Exam, you need to be able to identify the differences between each of these bus architectures and know which ones are more popular today.

Architecture Bus Width (In Bits) Speed
PCI 32/64 33 MHz
AGP 32 66 MHz (1x), 133 MHz (2x), 266 MHz (4x), 533 MHz (8x)
PCMCIA (laptops) 16 33 MHz
PCI-X 32/64 66/133/266/533 MHz
PCIe Serial Uses multiple lanes with each lane carrying 250 MBps. As an example, a PCIe x1 slot can carry data at 250 MBps, while a PCIe x4 slot can carry data at 1 GBps. PCIe version 2 doubles those transfer rates.
miniPCI 32 33 MHz