Why Isn't My Flip Video Battery Charging? - dummies

Why Isn’t My Flip Video Battery Charging?

By Joe Hutsko, Drew Davidson

In the course of your digital movie-making, your Flip video camera might show symptoms associated with power and battery problems. The most common battery-related issue is a lack of charge in your Flip camera’s rechargeable battery.

The following list shows the main reasons why your Flip’s rechargeable battery might not be charging.

  • Your battery pack isn’t properly inserted in the battery compartment (Ultra models only; the other Flip models come with built-in, non-user-replaceable rechargeable batteries). Remove the battery compartment door and check to make sure the Flip Video logo on the battery pack is visible and facing right-side up.

  • The metal contacts are bent or obstructed, preventing the battery pack from making a firm connection with the contacts (Ultra models only). Inspect the battery pack to ensure a snug fit between battery compartment and battery pack connection points.

  • Your computer switches to sleep mode when after a certain amount of inactivity time when your Flip is plugged in to one of your computer’s USB ports. Adjust your computer’s energy saver settings so that your computer stays on long enough to charge your camera before it goes to sleep.

You can adjust your computer’s power settings options to turn off your computer’s display after a few minutes of inactivity to burn less energy while the computer stays on to recharge your Flip. On a Windows computer, choose Start, Control Panel, Power Options. On a Mac, choose System Preferences, Energy Saver.

Or better yet, consider buying an optional AC recharger to recharge your Flip instead of using your computer to charge your camera, if that’s the only reason you’re keeping your computer on for a few hours while you’re not using it for anything else.