What is Dubsmash? - dummies

What is Dubsmash?

By Kacey Kroh, Abshier House, Abshier House

Dubsmash is a mobile application that combines or “smashes” videos you shoot with pre-recorded sounds known as dubs. The main goal behind the creation of this application is to replace standard video messages with more humorous Dubsmash videos.

Dubsmash is designed to have you record moments to sounds, songs, famous quotes, lines from movies, and even custom dub recordings. While the main intention of this application is to lip sync to the dub you have selected, your creativity is really the limit. For instance, you can make funny faces, invent a new dance craze, or shoot video of your favorite pet. After all, everyone enjoys a crazy cat video!

The Dubsmash app was designed and developed in Berlin by Mobile Motion GmbH. The application was released on two major mobile platforms in late 2014.

Mobile Motion GmbH started with three employees. These friends tried to launch two applications prior to Dubsmash and were unsuccessful in both attempts. After they simplified their ideas, Dubsmash was born. The company has steadily grown since the release of Dubsmash.

The Dubsmash team hard at work. [Credit: Image courtesy of blog.dubsmash.com.]
Credit: Image courtesy of blog.dubsmash.com.
The Dubsmash team hard at work.

Dubsmash is available for download through the iOS App Store and Android Google Play. Follow these links or abide by these simple steps if you would like to try your hand at Dubsmash.

  1. Locate and open the store application on your mobile device.

  2. Use the store search option to perform a search for Dubsmash.

  3. Download and install the application to your device.

    The application is free, but your personal settings may require you to enter a password, passcode, or fingerprint to initiate the download.

  4. Launch the application from your home screen or app drawer.

  5. Allow access to your camera and have fun.

Because of the popularity of Dubsmash, several other applications have been developed that allow you to send and play Dubsmash messages, create video feeds, and edit your video to enhance your content even further. These are third-party apps and are not officially supported or guaranteed to work with Dubsmash app updates.

Sadly, Dubsmash is currently only available on iOS and Android devices and there has been no mention of Windows app development. Sorry Windows Phone users, but you will have to wait this one out.

Keep in mind: Dubsmash is not a video messaging application. You use Dubsmash to create videos and then send them within other messaging applications. For example, you would create your video message with Dubsmash and then send the clip using your standard messaging service, Mail, Skype, Facebook Messenger, What’s App, or other messaging app of your choice.

Mobile Motion GmbH has since launched a website and blog that keep its audience informed of new innovations for Dubsmash, as well as technology updates and upcoming events. Visit Dubsmash.com to view the privacy policy, terms of use, and frequently asked questions. You may also want to visit the Dubsmash Tech Blog to learn more about the future of the Dubsmash app.