Pushing Your Flip Video Camera's Buttons - dummies

Pushing Your Flip Video Camera’s Buttons

By Joe Hutsko, Drew Davidson

Part of Flip Video For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Your Flip camcorder has some basic buttons to get to know.+ Here’s a roadmap to the buttons common to all recent and new Flip camcorders, and what those buttons do when you push them this way or that way, depending on what you’re doing with your Flip.

  • Power: Press to turn on your camcorder. Press and hold a few seconds to turn off your camera.

  • Record: Press to start or stop recording video.

  • Play/Pause: Press to play a selected video, or press and hold to play all the videos saved on your Flip. Press while watching a video to pause the video.

  • Up (+) and Down (–): When recording video, press Up to zoom in, or press Down to zoom out. While watching a video, press Up or Down to increase or decrease the playback volume, respectively.

  • Delete: Press to display the delete screen to delete a single video or all videos saved on your Flip camera. Press and hold to activate or deactivate the Delete Lock feature.

  • Left and Right: Press left to go backward to a saved video, and press Right to go skip to the next saved video. Pressing and holding either button quickly advances you forward or backward through all your saved videos. When watching a video, press and hold Left or Right to rewind or fast forward, respectively; let go to resume watching your video.