Premiere Elements Digital Film Edit Features - dummies

Premiere Elements Digital Film Edit Features

By John Carucci

Premiere Elements is a good choice for editing your DSLR movie footage. It offers many features to get your movie looking just as your directorial brain always imagined it would.

Transition edit options

Transitions are a marriage between two shots without the disagreements of a real one. They are key to your movie, and Adobe Premiere Elements provides a nice selection, such as 3D Motion, Dissolve, Iris, or Page Peel. A search box lets you enter the name of the one you’re looking for. The available variations of the NewBlue Motion Blends Elements effect include Roll, Shake, Shear, Smear, and others.

Premiere Elements offers the following sets of transitions, each with variations of the effect:

  • 3D Motion

  • Dissolve

  • Iris

  • NewBlue 3D Explosion Elements

  • NewBlue 3D Transformation Elements

  • NewBlue Art Blends Elements

  • NewBlue Motion Blends Elements

  • Page Peel

  • Picture Wipe

  • Slide Wipe Audio Transitions


Premiere Elements video effects

For such a low price, Premiere Elements has an abundance of features. It has functions that improve video quality such as Image Control, Color Correction, and Video Stabilizer. Creative effects include Keying, Stylize, and Perspective. In addition, three different NewBlue plug-ins are built in to Premiere Elements. These include Art Effects, Cartoonr, and Film Look.

Here is the complete lineup of effects for Premiere Elements 11. Each offers multiple choices:

  • Advanced Adjustments

  • Blur and Sharp

  • Channel

  • Color Corrector

  • Distort Generator

  • Image Control

  • Keying

  • NewBlue Art Effects

  • NewBlue Cartoonr Plus

  • NewBlue Film Look

  • Perspective

  • Render

  • Stylize

  • Time Transform

  • Video Stabilizer

  • Video Merge

  • Audio Effects

  • Presets

  • Film Look

  • My Presets

Premiere Elements audio features

It’s no secret that without audio, video has little impact. But great audio depends on many factors. Fortunately, Premiere Elements provides lots of control when it comes to audio. The timeline includes audio waveforms under each clip to not only show you the peaks and valleys, but also allows you to adjust overall volume. Other controls allow you to fix noise, add a sound effect, or record a voiceover track.

Found under the Effects button, here are the audio transitions:

  • Channel Volume

  • Delay

  • Fill from Left

  • Fill from Right

  • High Pass

  • Invert

  • Low Pass

  • NewBlue Audio Polish

  • NewBlue Auto

  • NewBlue Cleaner

  • NewBlue Hum Remover

  • NewBlue Noise Fade

  • NewBlue Noise Reducer

  • Notch

  • Swap Channels

Premiere Elements title options

Just about every movie from documentary and features to shorts and news segments uses titling. The Titles and Text includes a wide range of static and motion titles to add a little pizazz to your next movie. Use them to identify people onscreen, make rolling movie credits, or make a motion graphic like you see on television. It’s all possible with a little understanding and a lot of practice.

With this feature, you can

  • Make a news ticker.

  • Apply specific titles for special occasions.

  • Use templates for music video, Broadway, and television themes.