How to Watch Flip Videos on Your TV - dummies

How to Watch Flip Videos on Your TV

By Joe Hutsko, Drew Davidson

If your Flip camera comes with a video cable, you can use that cable to connect your camera to your TV. If your Flip doesn’t come with a video cable, you might already own the right video cable, or you can buy the video cable online or from your local consumer electronics retailer.

The kind of cable you use to connect your Flip to your TV varies from model to model. (The cable either comes with your Flip, or you buy it separately.) The Flip MinoHD (1-hour) and Ultra (2-hour) models have a composite video-out port, and each camera comes with a composite video cable that has red and white (audio) and yellow (video) RCA-type connectors that plug into your TV’s matching RCA input ports.

All the other Flip HD models have HDMI Type C mini-connector ports, and most high-def TVs (HDTVs) have larger HDMI Type A ports. The HDMI connector on an HD television is typically a standard original size, larger Type A connector ports. You can buy the special HDMI cable with a mini port on one end and a standard port on the other end from the Flip Store, or from another online retailer or consumer electronics store.

To watch videos on your TV or HDTV, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that your Flip camera and TV are both off.

  2. Plug the small end of your connector cable into your Flip’s video-out port, and connect the other end of the cable to your TV one of these two ways (depending on the type of cable you’re using):

    • HDMI: Plug the HDMI connector into your TV’s HDMI port. (Most HDTVs have two or more HDMI ports.)

    • Component: Plug the red and white (audio) and yellow (video) RCA-type connectors into their respective RCA-type ports

  3. Turn on your TV and your Flip camera.

  4. If you don’t already see your Flip’s video playback screen displayed on your TV, change your TV’s video input setting by pressing your TV or your TV’s remote control Input or Video or Source button and select the input choice that matches the TV connection ports you plugged into in Step 2.

    You might need to select your TV’s Source or Setup option to choose the correct input choice.

    Your TV displays your Flip’s video playback screen.

  5. Use your Flip’s buttons (or the SlideHD’s touchscreen) to play and control the video you want to watch.

  6. When you’re done watching your videos on your TV, press the Power button to turn off your Flip camera, and then disconnect the cable from your camera and TV.

  7. Change your TV’s input setting back to what it was before you connected your Flip camera (see Step 4).

    You won’t be able to record when the TV connection is activated because the camcorder display screen will turn off. To delete any videos, play back the videos on your TV and delete them using the camcorder buttons.