How to View Your Flip Video Files with iPhoto

By Joe Hutsko, Drew Davidson

If you have a Mac, you might choose to use iPhoto to view and manage the files from your Flip Video camera. If you defined iPhoto as the default program to run when you connect your Flip to your Mac, follow these steps:

  1. Plug your Flip into an available USB port on your Mac.

    iPhoto automatically launches (if it isn’t already running) and displays videos you recorded and saved on your Flip camera.


    Note: If you didn’t choose iPhoto as your default program, you can still use it to import your videos by double-clicking the iPhoto icon in the Applications menu to launch iPhoto.

  2. (Optional) Before importing your videos, you can adjust or choose the following options in the lower area of the iPhoto window:

    • Event Name: Click the text field and type a name for the batch of videos you’re importing, such as “My Wedding Day,” or “Summer Vacation.” This adds a tag to the file for indexing/searching purposes.

    • Description: Click the text field and type a description that can include details of the batch of videos you’re importing, such as the names, places, and things captured in your pictures.

    • Autosplit Events After Importing: Select this check box to make iPhoto automatically create separate event folders for videos you’re importing based on the date you snapped the photos.

    • Hide Photos Already Imported: Select this check box to make iPhoto ignore (therefore, not display) any videos you chose not to delete from your camera after previously importing those videos.

  3. (Optional) Click and drag the slider in the bottom-right corner of the iPhoto window to increase (left) or decrease (right) the size of your video icons.

  4. Click a video that you want to transfer and then click “Import Selected.”

    If you click “Import All,” iPhoto retrieves all videos stored on your Flip.

    When iPhoto finishes importing your videos, a dialog appears asking whether you want to keep or delete the videos from your Flip.

  5. To delete the videos from your Flip, click the Delete Photos button. Otherwise, click the “Keep Photos” button to leave the videos on your Flip.

  6. Choose iPhoto, Quit iPhoto to exit iPhoto.