How to Transfer Digital Movie Content from the Camera Card - dummies

How to Transfer Digital Movie Content from the Camera Card

By John Carucci

Once you have your video content, you need to transfer it from your DSLR so you can go to work. Depending on the camera that you’re using, chances are that you’re capturing your movie either on a CompactFlash (CF) or Secure Digital (SD) card.

Many newer computers include a built-in SD card reader. If your computer doesn’t have a built-in reader, or if you’re using a CF card for video capture, you can easily use an inexpensive card reader.

Here’s how to transfer video:

  1. Connect the digital media card.

    Whether you’re using the built-in reader or an external card reader, pop in the card.

  2. Make sure the card is mounted.

    Go to Add Media From→DVD Camera or Computer Drive. The Video Importer dialog appears. It shows you thumbnails of the importable clips. It even has a viewer to go through them. In addition, this dialog includes options to make an InstantMovie or import directly to timeline. Leave both boxes unchecked.

  3. Import the clip.

    After clicking the clip or clips that you want, click the Get Media Button, and the footage is ready in the Project Assets folder.