How to Tag Video in Premiere Elements Organizer - dummies

How to Tag Video in Premiere Elements Organizer

By John Carucci

After importing and scouring your hard drive for your DSLR movie clips, you’ll be able to tag each video clip in the Premiere Elements Organizer. You can open the program separately or click the button on the Action Bar to access it.

After it’s open, you can navigate to the desired file to apply information and keywords:

1Click the video thumbnail.

You’ll notice two tabs: Tag and Information. You will want to start with Information.

2Add information on the file.

You can write a caption and notes in the General area.

3Add a keyword tag.

You can click a few basic choices. But you can also create new keyword tags, under any category or subcategory, to organize media files you’ve recently added to your catalog. Click the green + sign on the upper right in the Keyword Tags panel to bring up the New Keyword tag.

4Input your information.

In the Name box, type a name for the keyword tag. Additional information about the clip can go in the Note box.

5Add as many keywords as applicable.

Click OK and go to the next one.