How to Export Your Digital Film - dummies

By John Carucci

After you’ve put your DSLR film together, you still can’t play it outside the program until you export it as a self-playing movie. After that, you can play it back on your computer, somebody else’s computer, or some computer connected to the Internet.

Premiere Elements provides many ways to export your files to support a variety of devices, as well as accommodate different sizes and formats. Exporting and sharing are performed by clicking the Publish and Share menu on the upper-right side of the interface.

  • web DVD: Build web movies for computer viewing

  • Disc: Create movies destined to burn to DVD

  • Online: Make videos ready to upload to sharing sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo

  • Computer: Export files to view on your computer or any computer, for that matter

  • Mobile phones and players: Have your movie file ready for your phone, iPad, iPod, or other device


Although sharing your file is important, most of your needs revolve around exporting the highest-possible quality movie. The AVCHD export lets you export a high-definition video to your computer in the MP4 or M2T format.

  1. Export the file.

    From the pull-down menu, select Computer. After the menu pops up, select AVCHD.


  2. Select the proper export setting.

    Save your movie as a full HD file as either an MT or MP4 using the 1920×1080 setting.


  3. Name your file.

    Enter a name for the movie. Specify a location in the Save In option. Click Advanced to specify more export settings as required and click OK.