How to Create a Still Frame from a Digital Film Clip - dummies

How to Create a Still Frame from a Digital Film Clip

By John Carucci

Sometimes you may want to make a still image from a DSLR video frame. This can add a little extra to a shot that might be missing something. Here are some reasons to create a still frame from your video:

  • To make a photograph from a video

  • To use it in your movie as a still image

  • To create a special effect where the video freezes for a period of time to emphasize a point

Whatever reason you choose, it’s pretty easy to accomplish this task in Premiere Elements:

  1. Select a clip in the timeline.

    Highlight it and scrub through it to find the desired frame. Place the CTI over it so it shows up in the monitor.

  2. Go to the Actions Bar and select the Freeze Frame option from the Tools panel.

    The image appears in the Freeze Frame window.

  3. Export the frame.

    Just click Export. In the Freeze Frame dialog, give the image file a name and location and click Save. You can also click Insert in Movie to put it on the timeline. It goes wherever the CTI is placed.