How to Burn Flip Videos and Pictures to DVDs with FlipShare - dummies

How to Burn Flip Videos and Pictures to DVDs with FlipShare

By Joe Hutsko, Drew Davidson

If you created a movie or slideshow using FlipShare’s Magic Movie or Full Length feature, you can use FlipShare’s Create DVD command to save your movie or slideshow as a file that’s ready to burn. Burning a copy of your movie or photo slideshows to a DVD disc enables you to create a disc you can give or send to another person, who can then enjoy your movie on their computer TV.

If you ever dreamed of creating your own Hollywood-style DVDs to present your home movies or digital photographs, you’ve come to the right place to see how to do just that.

You can also use Create DVD to save any video or picture files you want to burn to a DVD, even if you didn’t create a Magic Movie or a Full Length Movie from those video or picture files.

To save a FlipShare movie or slideshow as a file you can open with your preferred DVD-burning program, open FlipShare and then follow these steps:

  1. Select a movie (or video clip or snapshot) that you want to save as a file you can open with your DVD-burning program; then choose Create, DVD.

    To select more than one item, hold down the Ctrl/Control key and then click each item you want to select.

    The Create DVD window appears, displaying a text field for naming the folder FlipShare automatically creates to store your file, as well as a thumbnail of your item (or items) in the right column.

  2. (Optional) Backspace over the text in the text field and type in a new name for the folder FlipShare creates to store your file.


  3. Drag and drop additional items from the workspace window to the right-hand Items for DVD column of the Create DVD window.

    Click the red X in the left corner next to items you decide you don’t want to save with your file.

  4. Click Save.

    The Create DVD window displays a message confirming your file has been saved to the folder on your desktop.