Travel Photography Camera Comparison Chart - dummies

Travel Photography Camera Comparison Chart

By Serge Timacheff

From smart phones to point-and-shoots and digital SLRs, you have a lot of photography choices out there. Use the following chart to see what kind of camera will be best for you.

Smartphone Point-and-shoot dSLR
Image Sensor Quality Low to medium Medium High
Water resistant (suitable for pool) Rare Few models Rare
Optical Zoom Low Many All*
Megapixels Low Medium to high High
Multiple frames-per-second n/a Rare Medium to high
Image Stabilization n/a Many Lens-specific
Convenience/size Very small Small Low to medium
Preset camera exposures Rare Many Some
ISO range n/a Medium Good/excellent
Flash Small Pop-up/integrated Pop-up or external
Timed exposure Very few models Few models All
Creative features – Shooting & Editing Some Some models Rare
Night shooting Not as good Moderately good Good/excellent
Action/sports Not as good Not good/moderate Good/excellent
Nature Moderate Moderate Excellent
Weatherproof (OK in rain, snow) Poor to moderate Poor to moderate Moderate to excellent
Lightweight Excellent Very good Poor to moderate
Fast response (lag time)** Poor to moderate Moderate Excellent
Manual features Minimal Poor to moderate Excellent
WiFi capabilities Excellent Some models Rare
Interchangeable lenses n/a n/a Yes
Attachable lenses (to existing lens) n/a Few models n/a
Uses regular batteries No Few models No
Battery time Poor Acceptable Excellent
Cost Moderate Moderate Expensive
* using interchangeable lenses
**how fast the camera responds when you press the shutter
release button