Tips for Your DSLR Movie Shoot - dummies

By John Carucci

Part of Digital SLR Video & Filmmaking For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Whether you’re on location or in the photo studio, be sure to consider the following tips when shooting your video footage on your DSLR camera:

  • Keep the camera steady by mounting it to a tripod or by using a camera rig.

  • Focus often and then refocus to be safe.

  • Take white balance and use a white card whenever possible.

  • Adjust exposure manually and try not to use the automatic mode.

  • Set the correct shutter speed. Sometimes you select a shutter speed to freeze action; other times, it’s to adjust exposure.

  • Vary angles for each shoot. This makes it easy to construct your edit.

  • Include an establishing shot. It explains much to the viewer.

  • Consider your camera movements. From panning and tilting to dolly and crane shots, these techniques help visually tell the story.

  • Be liberal with your focal length.

  • Think about your edit when you shoot so that you get exactly what you need.