Use Natural Light for Close-Up and Macro Photography

By Thomas Clark

Many people prefer to use natural light in macro and close-up photography. You may choose not to use artificial light sources because you don’t like the quality of light you get from a flash, you don’t own one, or you just like to keep things natural.

The most natural approach to photography requires the long-lost art of patience. If you come across a subject that you want to photograph but the lighting isn’t quite bright enough for your preferred exposure settings, you may have to come back at a different time of day to avoid resorting to a very high ISO (resulting in high levels of digital noise).

If your subject is in an area of shadow and is too dark to photograph with your preferred exposure settings, analyze your surroundings to determine whether the sun will be making an appearance any time soon. You might have to wait a few minutes or even hours, or you may need to come back the next day to get the shot.

If the weather itself is causing a scene to be lit improperly based on your exposure settings, you may have to come back another day when the sun is shining.

The settings you use to photograph a scene can make all the difference in getting your message across. Having patience and returning another time to get the shot you want can be very rewarding and can provide the opportunity to say you did it your way.