Test Lenses and Review Photos on the Computer

By Thomas Clark

Find out how close a specific lens enables you to get to a subject while still depicting it in sharp focus, and check out what the resulting image shows on your computer. Analyze your photos to determine just how close your close-up capabilities are.

After you test your entire collection of lenses, zooms, and camera bodies, download the images onto your computer in order to view them with comfort and ease. When viewing the images, pay attention to the size of the subject in your various frames and the level of clear detail. Find the lens and camera combination that provides the highest level of magnification and select that image for working with further.

A camera body with a full-frame digital sensor will produce an image that appears less magnified than that of a camera without a full-frame sensor. Because the one sensor is smaller, it’s unable to capture the entire image produced by the lens. As a result the image is cropped into, making the subject appear larger in the frame.

Once you’ve reviewed the results of your various lens and camera combinations, choose the image with the highest level of magnification and view it at 100 percent on your computer monitor. Viewing an image at 100 percent provides a true representation of its fine details and sharpness. You can determine whether your maximum close-up abilities provide high-quality images based on what you see in this image.

A smaller sensor creates the illusion of a more magnified image than that of a full-frame sensor.
A smaller sensor creates the illusion of a more magnified image than that of a full-frame sensor.

If you notice blurred edges in the area where you positioned your point of focus, then the lens you used for that image may not be providing sharp results. You can try sharpening the image in the photo-editing program of your choice, or taking the image again to ensure human error didn’t influence the original shot.

Once you’ve got the image to have the highest level of quality possible, look for ways of making prints that maintain the high quality.