Taking Pictures of Cats and Dogs Together - dummies

Taking Pictures of Cats and Dogs Together

By Kim Rodgers, Sarah Sypniewski

Part of Dog Photography For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Everyone loves pictures that show cats and dogs getting along like best buds instead of fighting like cats and dogs (you saw that one coming, didn’t you?). Here’s how to photograph canine and feline pals:

  1. Get the dog in place first because he’s more likely to stay put when told.

  2. Have an assistant round up the cat (good luck!) and attempt to comfort her and calm her down.

    Do these first steps slowly and steadily so you don’t startle either animal.

  3. Have the person holding the cat sit next to the dog with enough room between them for the cat to be placed.

  4. Have your assistant place the cat next to the dog while continuing to comfort and pet the cat.

  5. The cat handler should slowly inch his body out of the frame.

    If the cat appears to be comfortable enough to stay in place, the assistant can slowly let go of her. If the cat seems apprehensive, she’s probably going to bolt the second your handler lets go, so instead, have him keep his hand on the cat’s back end so she continues to feel that secure touch. You can always remove the assistant’s hand in postprocessing, just like you remove a leash.

  6. Snap off as many frames as you can before the cat runs and the dog gets bored.

This technique is for dogs and cats that already know each other and get along. Never force a dog and cat together if they’re not comfortable with it!