How to Advertise Your Food Photography Business - dummies

How to Advertise Your Food Photography Business

By Alison Parks-Whitfield

Once you start your food styling and food photography business, you’ll want to advertise and promote your delectable images. The most important first step is creating a robust portfolio of your images. You can display your portfolio digitally, or go the old-school route with a hard-copy portfolio book.

After you have your portfolio pulled together, you have to advertise your work. Ads range from small, Internet text-based ads to a spread in a photography design magazine. You can even do a targeted e-mail or direct mail campaign.

Expanding the online presence of your business

To really go digital with your food styling portfolio and your business, you have to get on the web. Schmooze it up across the Internet with a website, blog, and so on. The more places you have an online presence, the better. Here are just a few ways to get your name and images online:

  • Create a business page on a social networking site: Instead of just sharing what you ate for breakfast on your personal social site, creating a business page on a social network allows you to get the word out about new happenings and images in your business. It’s a great way to create a positive impression about your work.

  • Comment on food photo boards: Get on out there and comment on some food photography lists or bulletin boards. Follow the trends, comment on other photographers’ work, and generally make yourself known in the community. You never know what can come of an alliance forged on these boards.

  • Join forces with a chef: If you work a lot with a chef, restaurant, or catering company, perhaps you can join together and create an alternate site that promotes both of your businesses. Having alternative sites increases your visibility on the Internet.

  • Send e-mail blasts: You can market your services by e-mailing prospective clients. Include some succulent images in the mail to whet their appetites.

    Go sparingly on the e-mail blasts. Send blasts occasionally, not every week. If you send e-mails too often, you run the risk of turning off potential clients and having your e-mails treated like spam.

Advertising your food photography business

You don’t need to spend a fortune these days to get the word out about your new business. But if you do want to spend a bit of money to get additional visibility in the art and design marketplace, you have options:

  • You can take out ads in photography design magazines, such as Select Magazine, which is a London-based photographic showcase, essentially an art and idea magazine. These types of design magazines sometimes have a food images section. These showcase magazines are cherished and kept forever for reference in design houses, ad agencies, and the like.

  • You can also take out ads in one of the many food or cuisine magazines available nowadays. These ads may also be quite expensive, but it can be well worth it, depending on your circumstances.

You can also find much more reasonable ways to get the message out about your new business:

  • Small, succinct Internet ads, such as Google AdWords or similar, are a really inexpensive way to get the word out about your work. You can run these Internet ads as much or as little as you want. The ads are composed of just a few lines of text and a URL. Internet text ads are a basic but very effective way to advertise your business.

    These Internet ads are keyword based. Keywords are words or tags that your potential clients may search when they’re looking for a food photographer. A few examples of ad keywords include gourmet, cuisine, food, restaurant, photography, photo, photographer, and so on.

  • Sending direct mail to a targeted audience of restaurants, caterers, and food companies is another possibility for advertising your work. You can print your images on postcards that can be sent to potential clients and also to existing clients as nifty reminders of your work.