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HDR Photography Tips: Be Patient

Photo shoots are often exciting, especially when you’re shooting high dynamic range images. The scenery is beautiful, and you’re pumped to get good shots. It’s easy to be swept up by the fun and start rushing yourself, but don’t. Be patient and enjoy yourself.

Going fast often results in errors. You may forget to change a camera setting, leave the camera in the wrong shooting mode, forget where you are in your shoot — “How many brackets are left?” — (I have), and end up ruining the shoot. Patience is also a strong factor in how you compose a scene. If you take your time, you can analyze scenes and purposefully compose better shots. It isn’t a race.

It also really helps to have your camera with you almost everywhere you go because, you know, you can’t take a photograph without your camera. So toss your camera bag in the back seat or the trunk. That way, if you spot something on the way or the light that evening looks marvelous, you can stop and take a picture.

This figure is a shot taken in the restroom at a fast food establishment. The tiles were fascinating. They look like pools of blue liquid. After a while, the photographer realized he never had his camera with him to take a picture of them. The next time he was there, he took several bracketed sets and later processed them into HDR.


You can be spontaneous if you have your camera (and tripod) with you.