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Fix Your Perspective on Macro Photographs in Postproduction

By Thomas Clark

Sometimes to get the proper angle on a subject, you end up with the wrong perspective, resulting in distortion. This can mean lines that are supposed to be straight appear bent. Or elements that should be even in size are disproportioned.


100mm, 1/160, f/11, 400

For situations like these, postproduction programs provide perspective filters that enable you to have your cake and eat it, too (or get the angle you prefer and the perspective, too).

In this photograph, a high angle was chosen to show the three dimensions of the subject. This in turn caused the sides of the subject to be distorted. To correct the issue, a lens correction filter was applied in Photoshop. This filter enables you to increase the size of the frame’s bottom end without affecting the top half.

In turn, the distortion is corrected and the subject appears to be standing straight up. Using this technique shows the subject’s dimension without compromising its shape.

Excessive distortion correction can compromise the sharpness or overall quality of an image. When possible, choose a camera angle that works for your message without relying on too much of a lens correction in postproduction.


50mm, 1/160, f/22, 200