Taking Digital Photos in Scene Modes - dummies

Taking Digital Photos in Scene Modes

Many cameras now offer scene modes. These special picture-taking modes automatically flip all the available focus and exposure controls to settings that work best for different types of subject matter. Use the appropriate scene mode for the appropriate subject:

1Take pictures of people in Portrait scene mode.

This mode uses the largest aperture, which shortens depth of field and creates a blurrier background.

2Use Landscape scene mode to create images of the great outdoors.

This mode selects the smallest possible aperture to ensure the greatest depth of field. Use this mode when you want as much of the scene as possible to be in sharp focus.

3Snap shots of fast-moving subjects by using Action or Sports scene mode.

This mode selects a fast shutter speed to capture moving objects without blurring.

4Light up your night shots with Nighttime scene mode.

This mode uses flash in combination with a slow shutter to brighten picture backgrounds. Don’t use this mode if you want the background to be dark.