Getting Good-Looking Prints of Your Digital Images on Your Printer - dummies

Getting Good-Looking Prints of Your Digital Images on Your Printer

You probably want to make the prints of your digital images look flawless. If you want to make high-quality hard copies of your digital images, you need to get the best output from whatever printer you’re using:

  • For those special pictures, invest in glossy photographic paper or some other high-grade option.

    It seems obvious, but just in case: The better the paper, the better the print.

  • When setting up the print job, choose the right paper settings.

    If the printer is set to print on matte paper, for example, and you feed it glossy paper, you’re going to have a smeary mess on your hands.

  • Do test prints, using different printer-resolution or print-quality settings.

    You can determine which settings work best for which types of images and which types of paper.

  • Install the printer driver (software) on your computer.

    Follow the installation instructions closely.

  • Use the right printer cable.

    If your printer didn’t ship with a cable to connect the printer and computer, buy the correct type of cable.

  • Connect your printer directly to your computer, if possible.

    Some printers don’t perform well when connected to the computer through a pass-through device.

  • Don’t ignore your printer manual’s instructions regarding routine printer maintenance.

    Print heads can become dirty, inkjet nozzles can become clogged, and all sorts of other gremlins can gunk up the works.