Nikon D5200: Remove Red-Eye - dummies

Nikon D5200: Remove Red-Eye

By Julie Adair King

From many photographers’ experience, red-eye isn’t a major problem with the Nikon D5200. Typically, the problem occurs only in very dark lighting, which makes sense: When little ambient light is available, the pupils of the subjects’ eyes widen, creating more potential for the flash light to cause red-eye reflection.

If you spot red-eye, however, give the Red-Eye Correction filter a try. After you select the filter from the Retouch menu, as shown on the left in this figure, one of two things happens: If the camera can’t find any red-eye, it displays a message telling you so. But if it does detect red-eye, it applies the removal filter and displays the results in the monitor, as shown on the right in the figure.

An automated red-eye remover is built right into your camera.
An automated red-eye remover is built right into your camera.

After the filter does its thing, press the Zoom In button to magnify the display so that you can check the camera’s work. To scroll the display, press the Multi Selector up, down, right, or left.

To go forward with the correction, press OK twice. The first OK returns the display to normal magnification; the second creates the retouched copy. To instead cancel the repair, press OK to return to normal magnification and then press the Playback button.