How to Fix an Underexposed Digital Photo - dummies

How to Fix an Underexposed Digital Photo

By Doug Sahlin

If your take a photo that you love but it’s underexposed, you can rescue the image in your image-editing software. Many image editors let you correct underexposed pictures, making them underexposed no more. This is how you do it in Photoshop Elements:

1Open your image editor and choose File→Open.

Navigate to your underexposed image and click OK. The image opens in your image editor.

2Choose Layer→Duplicate Layer.

A duplicate layer appears, as shown in this figure.

3In the Layers palette, change the duplicated layer’s blend mode to Screen.

This blend mode brightens the image considerably.

4If the image is too bright, lower the opacity of the uppermost layer.

Lower the opacity until you get the image you want.