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How to Edit Your Photos Online

There are several online resources for editing your favorite pictures. Most cameras come with basic photo editing software, but what do you do if you just transferred a picture over from your cell phone that you want to edit before posting?

If you want to keep everything on your system before you upload it, you can choose tools like Picasa or GIMP. Picasa is Google’s basic photo editor, although it also interfaces with online photo albums and lets you create displays of your photographs. GIMP is more like an open-source Photoshop, and it’s capable of a whole host of image manipulation functions. The learning curve is a little higher, though, and it may be overkill if all you want to do is resize some photos or cut out your ex from any family photos.


If you want to keep all of your work online, Adobe’s Photoshop Express allows you to edit and store photos online, all in one location. If you’ve used Adobe’s products before, this will be an easy transition for you. Other options include Picnik and Splashup, and they have similar functions for cropping, resizing, or altering the photos once you’ve uploaded them to the site. You’ll have to be connected to a network to do your work, but you’ll also get backups in case your computer fails, and you’ll be able to work on them from any browser.


These tools all let you do basic photo editing, including cropping out unnecessary background, lightening the photo a little bit if it’s too dark, or removing the dreaded red eye.

One word of advice — be sure that everybody in the photographs you put online knows that they’re being posted. Some things are better left off the ‘net.