Editing Your Digital Photos - dummies

Editing Your Digital Photos

Part of Digital Cameras & Photography For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When you’ve been taking photos with your digital camera for a while, you may not always be thrilled with the outcome and may wonder, “Can this photo be saved?” The answer is often “Yes.” Use the tricks in the following table to edit your digital photos in your favorite photo editor.

Function Explanation Recommendation
Resize Reduce large photos. For e-mailing or the Web
Auto adjustments Automatically perform standard fixes, such as the ones in this
Let the program make the decisions.
Crop Select an area of the photo to keep while deleting everything
outside that area.
Crop photos to emphasize the subject.
Red-eye fix A flash causes red-eye or red spots in eyes. Convert red spots into black pupils with this function.
Exposure adjustment Adjust photos which are too light or too dark. Fine tune brightness, contrast, shadow, and highlight.
Straighten Fix photos that show a tilt. Adjust along horizontal or vertical lines.
Panorama Shoot a scene that is too wide or tall for one photo. Stitch separate, overlapping photos together into one.