How to Take a Digital Photo in Black and White - dummies

How to Take a Digital Photo in Black and White

By Doug Sahlin

Most digital cameras have options for creating black-and-white photos. With most cameras, you just select the black-and-white photo option from a menu, and you can start taking those artistic images in black and white. Explore the different options available for your camera:

1Put your camera in Portrait mode.

Alternatively, you can switch to Aperture Priority mode and choose a large aperture (small f-stop number).

You can skip this step if you choose, but putting the camera in Portrait mode or choosing a large aperture narrows your range of focus and gives your finished photo a much more artistic feeling. And if you’re shooting in black and white, you probably want to be artistic.

2Select the Black and White setting in your camera’s menu.

You access this setting differently on each camera. Refer to your camera manual for details.

3Take a picture of your subject.

You get a picture (like the one in this figure) that looks like the old days when people actually used black-and-white film.