How to Create a Multiple-Exposure Digital Image - dummies

How to Create a Multiple-Exposure Digital Image

By Doug Sahlin

You can easily create a digital photo with a multiple-exposure look. All you need is a tripod, your digital camera, and a willing multiple-exposure subject. Make your digital camera give you multiple exposures on the same image:

This technique works best when the lighting is low and the setting is dark. Otherwise, the shot will be overexposed. But it’s your digital camera and your creativity, so feel free to play around with the technique whenever you see fit.

1Find a night location and mount your camera on a tripod and adjust your camera settings and zoom.

Switch to a low ISO setting and Aperture Priority mode, and choose the smallest aperture (meaning the largest f/stop number). The small aperture gives you the long exposure that you need for this technique. Allow enough room in your frame for your subject to move from one point to another.

2Set your camera self-timer for ten seconds.

This ten seconds gives the camera time to stabilize from any jitter caused by pressing the shutter.

3Press the shutter button halfway to achieve focus, then press it fully.

The timer starts counting down.

4After the timer finishes counting down, tell your subject to remain still for a few seconds, then ask him or her to move to another part of the scene.

This image shows a photo subject in two different locations in the same image.