How to Avoid the Shakes in Your Digital Photos - dummies

How to Avoid the Shakes in Your Digital Photos

If the photos you take while holding your digital camera in your hands streak the light because your hands shake, you can attempt to sharpen your photos. Because you probably can’t stop the shake in your hands, try to cease the shake in your pictures.

1Figure out your minimum practical shutter speed for handholding.

Try different speeds and look at your results to find out which have acceptable light blur (keeping in mind that this speed can vary because of lens focal length and other factors).

2Use better shooting ergonomics.

Brace yourself on something, like in this figure.

3Set up a stabilizing aid.

Tripods and monopods work well but even a beanbag can do the job.

4Use image stabilization technology.

Your digital camera may have an anti-shake switch (like in this figure), which uses this technology.