Digital Photography After-Shoot Checklist - dummies

Digital Photography After-Shoot Checklist

By Doug Sahlin

Part of Digital Portrait Photography For Dummies Cheat Sheet

There are certain things you should do after every photo shoot, especially if you’ve changed any camera settings. Here’s a checklist you can keep in your camera bag:

  • Download all images to your computer.

  • Backup your images to an external hard drive.

  • Reformat your cards in the camera after you’ve backed up your photo shoot.

  • Change the ISO setting back to its lowest value.

  • Change the white balance back to its auto setting.

  • Recharge your battery if it’s very low.

  • Set exposure compensation back to zero.

  • Change the metering method to Evaluative or Matrix (depending on your camera model).

  • Clean your lenses with a soft brush and microfiber cloth.

  • Clean your camera body with a soft cloth and NO solvents. If the camera has been used in an environment with salty air, dampen a soft cloth and wring it almost dry, then gently rub it over the camera body and lens barrel.