Creating Panoramic Pictures by Using Your Digital Camera - dummies

Creating Panoramic Pictures by Using Your Digital Camera

Your digital camera doesn’t give you a way to take a panoramic photo. But you can take several overlapping pictures and stitch them together to create a seamless panoramic shot. To create your photographic panorama, here’s what you do:

1Capture each picture with the same camera-to-subject distance and camera height.

Otherwise, you end up with different subject image sizes that don’t line up properly.

2Overlap each shot by at least 30 percent.

Some cameras provide a panorama mode that displays a portion of the previous shot in the monitor so that you can see where to align the next shot in the series.

3Maintain an axis of rotation.

For best results, use a tripod.

4Keep the camera level.

Some tripods include little bubble levels that help you keep the camera on an even keel.

5Use a consistent focusing approach.

If you lock the focus on the foreground in one shot, don’t focus on the background in the next shot.

6Avoid including moving objects in the shot.

If someone is walking across the landscape as you shoot, you may wind up with the same strolling figure appearing at several spots in the stitched panorama.

7Stitch the images together by overlapping or use a photo-editor.