The Nikon D7200 Menus - dummies

By Julie Adair King

One of the first skills you need to learn to take full advantage of your Nikon D7200 is how to select options from camera menus. Following is a brief description of what controls live on the various menus.

Playback menu


Open this menu to access the functions for viewing, deleting, and protecting pictures.

Photo Shooting menu


Open this menu to access basic photography settings.

Movie Shooting menu


Open this menu to access the movie recording options, including settings for controlling audio and setting the frame size and frame rate.

Custom Setting menu


Open this menu for advanced photography options and some basic camera operations.

Setup menu


Open this menu for additional basic camera operations.

Retouch menu


Open this menu for photo and movie editing options.

My Menu


This is your custom menu.

Recent Settings menu


This menu shows the 20 most recently used menu options.